Thursday, October 25, 2007

SAML and desktop SSO

Today I was reading a post and found one good blog which i would like to share with you. PingIdentity has developed Integrated Windows Authentication toolkit to provide SSO to Google application.

If you have read my post onSAML where I discussed how Google apps are using SAML for federated authentication to there applications like gmail/gtalk used by corporates with there domain like hosted using gmail interface. In that post I have mentioned under section 1-a that if user is already authenticated then identity provider will not ask for the credentials again to the user but directly give access to the Google application like gtalk/gmail etc.

Below diagram shows my understanding of how it might be working. I am not showing anything related to pingidentity implementation for this approach but it is completely my understanding for the solution.

Microsoft GINA component can be customized to get the user credential and Microsoft has also exposed API to set the cookie for Internet explorer. Keep in mind that all things are going through the user browser so if user has a cookie to some domain (identity provider) it will be sent to the server by the browser.

Similarly Cookie can be deleted on the event of user logout. If the solution needs persistent cookie can also be set which will expire after the persistence time.

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