Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ProQuo Implementation of centralized identity

Many people staying in USA (Sorry for being location specific as this implementation is done for USA) are suffering with tons of junk mails coming to there mailbox (Physical mailbox). Here publisher/marketing organizations send lots of advertising material to the mailbox which (80-90%) directly been dumped into the trash box next to the mailbox. It consumes billions of dollars cost of paper and postage.

This new site is a good effort to stop this unnecessary mails coming to your mailbox. Once you login/register at this siteProQuo it will display all the publications which you are getting. After registration you can view your current publications by clicking on the dashboard link.

Below image shows how ProQuo might be getting the publication information's from different marketing organizations.

Once a person registers with his [name/email and address] this site can show how many publications you have. They might able to collect this information based on your identity (Name + Address).

When I registered on this site and tried to stop some of the publications I got stuck with some paper work (You have to take the printout of the PDF file which has the letter to stop the publication and post it to the publisher). Problem with this is that most of the people have at least 10-15 publications. Every publication post is going to cost 50 Cents so roughly 5$ per household to stop all the junk publications.

Identity Solutions:

I feel that the wired solutions can be built to stop the physical communication between the user and the publisher. Following could be some of the ways to implement this

1) Using SAML: user assertion can be sent to the publisher over the wire. This SAML assertions can also contain the encoded PDF letter which can be used as a proof at the publisher.

2) Using custom Cryptography: User's signed PDF can be sent to the web service running at the publisher when user want to stop the publication.

Share your comments about how it can be implemented.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's been over a month since you signed up with ProQuo.
From their site: "You should begin seeing a reduction in your junk mail in less than 4 weeks, and the full impact in about 3 months."
Have you noticed any difference? I'm just curious since I'm getting ready to sign up.

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