Friday, October 12, 2007

How to View cookies in browser

Often a times we have to test what cookies are set on the browser during testing a issue. Everyone has figured out there own way of doing this. I would like to share the way I do this during troubleshooting.

1) You can use javascript:document.cookie on the browser window to check the cookies. Problem with this is that the content of the page is gone and you have to reload the page to see the page content. Use second approach to solve this problem.

2) Alternate to this approach is to use the javascript ALERT as javascript:alert(document.cookie). If there are one or two cookies this is fine but if number of cookies are more then reading the alert box becomes a pain. Use third approach to overcome this problem.

3) Use javascript:alert(unescape(document.cookie).replace(/;/gi,"\n\n")) to get the cookies displayed separately.

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