Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Package Managers for Mac

Most of the time when we have to install something on the machine, we simply google and follow the links on the first search page results and find commands to install the same. We normally don't pay attention what the command really is doing and how it is working under the hood. In this post I am going to clarify some of the things I learned over a period of time and feel it will be helpful for my blog readers... Yes, I am going to start blogging again after 10+ years. 

There are two package installers I have heavily used BREW/Homebrew and PIP.
PIP is a python libraries/package manager if you are working with python.
Brew is used to manage softwares you need for your development or utilities.
I will not explain Brew and instead refer to this youtube link as this person has really explained it very effectively.

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