Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some Challenges in IDM project implementation

After working/talking about multiple IDM implementation I feel that there are different kinds of challenges in implementing the solution.

1) Getting the approvals/access from the end application : For example integrating with Oracle financial system one needs to have super user kind of permissions on the system for provisioning/deprovisioning. End application teams have there valid concerns for not giving that kind of access to IDM system.

2) Password policy : One of the very good feature of IDM system is to provide password synch across organization wide applications. In real world it becomes very challenging because of all systems does not have same password policy for one reason or the other.

3) Unique ID for life : If not all but most of the organizations work in the employee/consultant mode. People change there profile from employee to consultant and vice versa. It is a real challenge to find the same person in the system if S/he is returning to the organization. Organizations spreaded across globe are having this as a bigger challenge because they are working to consolidate there HR system under one umbrella to have better control over the system.

4) Missing unique ID in the applications : In the ideal world we expect end application which is getting integrated with IDM will have one or the other co-relation key to allow IDM to reconcile the accounts but it is not always true. Some times IDM teams have to request changing the end applications to have an extra field storing the co-relation key.

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