Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cross IDM product integration

In my coffee time I use to discuss with my friends about the projects on which they are working and how they are solving the problems. It could be related to IDM/IAM or it could be any other technology. Few days back I met with my friend who is working with web methods to integrate different applications. While discussing about it back of my mind was thinking can we have something which can help us integrating multiple vendor products related to IDM / IAM space?

I think yes, that kind of framework can be built using the SAML and SPML specification integration framework. At the root level these specifications talks XML language over HTTP/S channel. If we can build a IDM middleware component which can understand one product language (XML Schema) and convert that to another product language then our purpose is solved.

It looks like OpenPTK is one such open source project on which Sun is working on. They recently released latest version of it. It is providing multiple interfaces to connect to Sun IAM suite (Identity and Access Control suite). But I think this is the starting as this version of OpenPTK does not support cross product integration.

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Thanks for the comment. I've posted another entry in the first of hopefully many in describing more about OpenPTK's architecture. I'd be interested in any feedback. Hopefully, you can join the interest list and participate moving forward.



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