Friday, June 29, 2007

how to configure service in Linux???

After working in windows environment for years we want to have similar kind of flexibility in Linux environments where we don't have to remember where our scripts are residing and how to start and stop the applications we want to use. Linux has a very good solution for this problem. I am going to discuss here how to configure the service in Linux and how to use that.

1) The application you want to configure as a service under linux should have a script which has start and stop option in it. for example

case "$1" in
start) --> Start the application
stop) --> Stop the application

$1 here is the argument passed with the service command. For example "service tomcat start".

here tomcat is the name of the script which has start and stop options. This script should be placed under /etc/init.d directory.

2) Script should have following three things

1) Execute permissions
2) Description comment
3) Chkconfig comment

I had a script which was missing description field which I felt is not mandatory but when I tried to add that script as a service it was failing.

3) For adding a script as a service use the chkconfig command as follows
chkconfig --add

4) For listing all the services

chkconfig --list

5) for getting the status of all the services

service --status-all

6) Setting the run level of the service

chkconfig --level 345

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